The soup that is much more than it seems and is yours to discover. A dish that appears simple but is very complex and is the result of a peoples' history; their triumphs, tribulations, travels, and influences.

Specialty Soups Các Món Đặc Biệt 特別介紹

A word on a few of our ingredients common to a few soups on this page. The sautéed tomato is made by us to add a tangy taste of tomatoes to the soup. The caramelized shallots are made by us at the restaurant. We roast our own peanuts so they have the exact flavour we are looking for to add the right taste to our food.

Specialty items Đặc Biệt 特別餐

(D16 to D23 come with a bowl of rice)

Salty caramelized meat Kho tộ

The pork can be ordered lean, half lean and fat or fatty; also you can order with less or more hot peppers The taste is rich with the caramelized sugar, spices and hot pepper. Slightly sweet and salty with a spicy tingle from the peppers

Coffee drinks Cà phê 咖啡類

Ground from specially roasted Robusta coffee beans, slowly filtered in individual portions, gives Vietnamese coffee a unique taste that your will love.

Please order using name rather number as the numbers are subject to change as we add items


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